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Kitchen Cleaning Services that Will Save You Time and Energy

Making your Kitchen Shine !

Kitchen becomes the most dirtiest place in the house if not cleaned and maintained regularly. A hygienic kitchen needs professional cleaning. Facilities4U uses best cleaning techniques including pest control since it is the best place for cockroaches to live. We use bio-degradable materials while cleaning. These materials are eco-friendly and not harmful. We rejuvenate your kitchen. Our cleaning techniques will surely make your kitchen like new.

Facilities4U in Bangalore can make your kitchen dirt and grease free. Reaching and cleaning the corners of a kitchen is not an easy job, our professionals with needed tools and technology help you clean all the corners.

Our kitchen cleaning service is designed to offer you hygienic ans super clean environment in your kitchen. Facilities4U cleans every surface of the kitchen starting form kitchen counter, cabinets, sinks, gas ovens and any other utilities.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning service from Facilities4U also focuses on deodorizing the drains. This also includes making the chimney hoods and water purifiers sparkling clean.

Facilities4U uses standard industry-grade solvents and chemicals which are safe and secure to remove dirt and grease. They do not damage the kitchen décor, interior or finish. The process of deep cleaning surely ensures clean and fresh kitchen at the outset.

Our staff are friendly enough to listen to your exact requirement, take notes of important areas where more attention is needed.

Experts At Facilities4U Kitchen Cleaning Service Offer –

Manual Scrubbing and Cleaning of tile floors and tile walls

General cleaning on the chimney and hob, dusting on the filter

Dry dusting of exhaust fan interior and exterior of the cabinets

External cleaning of kitchen appliances -refrigerator, micro-oven etc…

Any Questions find here.

Depending on the size of the Kitchen, depending on the stains in the Kitchen, we arrive at the estimated time. However, it varies as hand scrub and chemical washes are involved.

Our Kitchen Cleaning experts are hygienic conscious. They know the how & what of Kitchen. This cutting-edge gives them an advantage to easily hit bulls eye (dirt) with needed facilities4u.

Your health should matter to you. It matters to us. Kitchen is a place where you cook what you consume. Hence a hygienic environment is required in Kitchen of every home/office.

Facilities4U is well equipped with latest technology tools and harmless chemicals/acids. Our experts also take care of Manual Scrubbing which ensures removing all sorts of stains from walls & floors.

Kitchen Cleaning for home/office is not a onetime activity. This should be done regularly.